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Solar Electricity in Baltimore, MD

The sun provides plenty of natural energy, so why not use it? At 21st Century Power Solutions LLC, we help customers in Baltimore, MD install and maintain solar electric systems in their homes.

Solar energy is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional utilities, but did you know that a solar electric system could actually save you money? When your solar energy setup produces more electricity than you use, that electricity is actually sent back to the grid. When that happens, the power company has to pay you.

Call 21st Century Power Solutions LLC today to learn more about our solar electric options, and start saving money - and resources - today.

The Solar Grid

How does it work?

Solar (PV) Panels generate electricity by converting the sun's energy to electricity. This is energy that is already hitting your house and going to waste. Solar cells that make up the solar panels capture the sun's energy and create electricity. The electricity is then converted (by an Inverter) to the same type of electricity that your utility company provides to your home. The lights and appliances in your home can then use this electricity and any "extra" unused electricity is essentially sold back to the utility company (Grid Connected) using Net-Metering.